Wednesday, 31 December 2014

I Will Answer The Call!!!

December 31, 2014


Hey guys!!!! It was sooo awesome to talk with you guys on Christmas!! It was hard to say goodbye!! I miss you guys tons!! Thanks for all your good questions and everything!! It was a super good time!! Sounds like you guys had a great Christmas!! 


On Friday we got a call from the zone leaders informing me I was receiving a transfer. I will now be serving in a small city just outside of Rosario called San Lorenzo. My new companion is Elder Johnson and he is from Utah as well! My first 2 companions have been from Utah. I was really sad to leave Venado Tuerto.  We have a ton of investigators and I love all of them as well as the awesome members of my little branch! I felt like I had really connected with all of them!  But, I guess the Lord needs me somewhere else, so I will answer the call! We mostly spent the last couple of days going around and saying goodbye to all the members and investigators that we have! It was very sad! At the same time, I am excited to start a new adventure! Elder Stanworth is training again in the same area and I think he is excited about it!! He is awesome!!


I left Monday morning and met my new companion at the bus terminal in Rosario!! Our new area is the whole city of San Lorenzo! There is a massive river right beside it so it is sooooo humid here!! I am sweating like crazy!! Ha-ha! Buts it’s all good!! I really miss the snow right now!!!! We have the whole city as our area, so it is pretty overwhelming. At least for me it is because my last area was about 10 blocks by 15 blocks! Now it’s like 70 blocks!! It’s massive, but I guess there used to be 2 wards and 1 branch here a while ago and now there is only 1 branch left!! There are so many less active members!! We have lots of work to do here!!


Man, I’ll tell you that the pension here is not that nice! I was living in a palace in my other area!! I had air conditioning, and a nice shower and awesome members who fed us and a washing machine! Oh well, but it is livable here!! Ha-ha- I am doing good!!! We have a lot of work to do in this area. I am here for a reason and I am excited to make a difference, whether it’s re activating people or baptizing. I am here to do the will of the Lord!! 


Hey mom- thanks for your prayers!! I am slightly overwhelmed here because as you probably know, I’m not the best with change.  But I truly am excited to be an instrument in the Lords hands here!! There is a lot for me to learn here!! So keep praying for me!!


 Right now I am just trying to meet all of the members and investigators that they have here!! There is a lot to do here!! I hope you feel better, Mom!! We aren’t allowed to be out after dark tonight for the New Year’s festivities or to go out tomorrow so we might be cleaning (just like you will be at home!!)



I love you guys!! Hopefully I will email you guys on Monday again!!


Elder Carter
Getting ready to mow the lawn - Argentina style!

"We have a message we want to share with you!"

A great Christmas with a special friend!

Keeping dad's tradition alive - egg in a hole

Post surgery feet - did not fit in my shoes :(

Grateful for this good man!

Some of my Argentina sisters!

My new friends!

Saying good bye to these great missionaries!!

My new companion!

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