Wednesday, 17 June 2015

What would Jesus do?

June 8, 2015

Hey, what’s up?

All is going great! This week was busy. On Thursday, I had “tramites”, which means I had to do some visa paperwork. The great part was that I got to go to the mission home and Elder Johnson was there for his zone leader meeting. It was awesome to talk to him for a while ! It was nice to catch up! We had “consejo de lideres” (zone leader council), which was really sweet! There were 2 different meetings, one for the zone leaders in the Santa Fe mission and the other for the Rosario mission on different days. The mission will be officially split July 1st. President Zanni sent a list of people he thinks will be on the Santa Fe side and the Rosario side to the apostles. He does not have te keys to make mission assignments. So, this week, the apostles will be reading my name and all of my assignments and decide if I stay or go. So, even though we are making assumptions, we don’t know for certain which mission we are in yet.

Our meeting was on Friday with all the zone leaders in Rosario, which was a total of 12 missionaries, 6 companionships. It felt so small compared to the last meeting where we doubled in size! It was pretty awesome to be part of this group. And as a bonus, we got free breakfast and lunch!! We learned lots but I think the part that stuck out to me most was when we started talking about divisions and how we can help our missionaries. The conversation turned to talking about what Jesus Christ would do to help. Then the president created different scenarios and asked one of the assistants to play the role of Jesus Christ, while the President played the role of the struggling missionary and tried to help him have greater desires to serve. It was great to watch! I was really enjoying it and taking it all in. Then President started calling on other missionaries to play the role of the Savior and I was learning from all the different approaches. Then, as my luck would have it, President called on me. And man, I was nervous!!! There in the room, were the best  missionaries and they were all watching and waiting for what I would do as I role played Jesus trying to help the President!!!!!! Well, I did it, but I did not do a very good job. I have been thinking about it all week. I think what really stuck with me was that our Savior, our older brother, has so much love for us!!! And all the missionaries that role played the Savior,  showed so much sincerity and love. The feeling in the room was pretty amazing. It has helped me a lot this week!

We discussed some other things and then took it back the missionaries in our zone. We had a zone meeting with them on Sunday after church and it went well. We did not have a ton of time to prepare, but it was alright. I learned tons from our missionaries too! I also realized that I enjoy zone conference so much more when I am not in charge of it!!

Today we got together as a zone and played soccer. It was pretty fun! But I also realized I enjoy activities like these when I don’t have to organize them. I am learning lots!! Thanks for the birthday wishes!!

I love you!

Elder Carter

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