Monday, 1 June 2015


May 25, 2015


Hey, how’s it going?


It’s been a good week!! On Tuesday I went and worked with another Elder who is in a different area who is from Peru! He is awesome! A little stubborn, but Latinos come that way, (huh, mom?)!! He has been out in the field 2 months and is a character!! Ha-ha!  He loves rice and we ate sooo much of it. His favorite food is rice and he loves talking about it. He was teaching me how to make it and everything!! He and his companion are working pretty well so that was good to see! I felt really bad for him, though. He comes from a humble home that doesn’t have a ton of money! His mom just recently lost her job and he is trying to sell his ties in order to send money back to his home. I felt pretty bad. It really helped me realized how blessed I am!


On Thursday I went and worked in another area again to help out an elder. He has been struggling in the mission and doesn’t really want to be here. I helped him the best I could! But he was really awesome and that night, we made bannana bread which was super yummy! And  I now  know how to make bannana bread! How’s that mom?! I really tried to focus on the positive that he is doing to help him build confidence!! I really hope it helped!!


Oh, and guess what mom? Our fridge was pretty gross- it had old food and stains and a ton of other gross stuff inside. It probably hadn’t been cleaned in years... if ever! Ha-ha, but last p-day we went and gave it a nice good clean!! I was pretty proud of myself! Ha-ha #themissionchangesyou


It’s been such a good week, full of miracles, like always! We worked a ton in my own area, trying to find new people to teach. We have the goal to baptize every week this coming transfer! It’s a pretty crazy goal, but I think it’s possible!!! We are really working hard so we can help people!! And we are seeing miracles!! The work with our investigators is awesome! We have a ton super good quality people we are teaching!! I am super excited about it!


We have been praying to find a family of 5 all week!! We talked with a woman on Wednesday and got an appointment to go back on Sunday night. During the week we didn’t think much of it. We were really praying and working hard to find a family of 5 that we could baptized. Well, as the week started to wind up we were a little disappointed cause had been pretty much doing everything we could to find this family. Well, Sunday night at 7:30 we went back to this lady’s house and started to teach her. AND GUESS WHAT?  SHE HAD A FAMILY OF 5!!!! We were so excited and gave them a baptismal date and everything!! They have to get married, but it was a pretty good experience!! The Lord truly does answer and hear our prayers!! 


She lives in an area that is pretty dangerous and luckily, we were with a member who helped us maneuver our way out of the area. At one point we had to run, ha-ha, but we made it out alive!!! Later that night, we saw the helicopter with the search light going around for a while!! Ha-ha -crazyy!!


As I have been getting to know this ward more, I have grown to love the people more. They are so awesome!!!!


I love you!

Elder Carter


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