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June 22, 2015



I will try to make up for the short letter I sent last week J

The temperature: the temperature here is freaking cold right now!!!!!! I didn’t know that it got this cold in Argentina but with the humidity, man it’s just a bone chilling cold. It makes if very hard to get up in the morning. The thing is that here, all the houses are built out of cement so when it is cold outside it is even colder on the inside and when it is hot outside it is even hotter inside. It’s hard getting used to it, but its Argentina. So I have been dressing warmer lately- scarf and jacket etc... I don’t know which I like better - working in the super-hot or bone chilling cold. Oh well, it doesn’t bother me that muchJ

The Food: the members here are really generous with the lunches. Some weeks we don’t have a lunch appointment every day, but on average, te members invite us over about 5 days a week. Occasionally, we’ll be invited for a dinner but it is not often, which is good because we waste time eating when we could be working. The lunches are so big that we are rarely hungry for dinner.  We usually eat noodles which are not my favorite, but we also eat a lot of meat and chicken, Meat is my favorite and empanadas “tambien” (also). I have been enjoying my breakfasts with Elder Bluth because he makes some breakfast burritos which are really yummy!!

Miracles: There have been lots of miracles, but one of my favorites happened one day when we did not have a lunch scheduled. So, we decided to call one of the “hermanas” (sisters) in the ward because they always say,” if you don’t have lunch, call me and we will make something up for you.” So I called her the night before and Elder Bluth and I prayerfully planned for a message to share with her. The next day we went over to the house for lunch: Lunch was delicious!! She had made soup and bread and meat and many other yummy things!  Well, this Hermana teaches seminary in the ward and has been having a tough time lately because you have to have a priesthood holder in the building at the same time and sadly, she is not receiving very much support from the ward. Anyways, it so happened that the message we had prepared for her was all about the importance of our efforts and doing our part for the Lord, regardless of anyone else. We just need to do all that we can. We do not need to worry about other things.  She started crying and explained that this message was just what she needed because she was feeling pretty discouraged and really didn’t want to do any more. It was so cool to be a part of Heavenly Father’s plan and the delivery people for His message to her!!  

Something I have realized on the mission is people don’t understand that there is an opposition to all things. When we invite them to do something, for example to go to church, they always say, “if God wants me to.” Well, of course God wants you to!!!!! They seem to think that if everything lines up perfectly and they are really feeling good and ready to head over to the church then God wants them to do it (and so do they). They don’t realize that Satan, the enemy, doesn’t want them to go, so he will do everything he can to prevent it. 

I have seen many miracles in my mission. For example, we had an investigator that was super awesome! He was going to get baptized because he had received an answer to his prayers. And then suddenly, he just went cold. Nothing. We couldn’t get in contact with him for 2 weeks. And man, this guy was awesome, super humble, and super willing. Anyways, we were praying a lot for him, that we would somehow be able to find him. Well guess what?  We found him on the street! We set up an appointment and then saw him another time before this appointment. He explained that his phone broke,  etc... So, we went to go to look for him for our appointment and and he canceled on us through a friend’s phone. We tried to set up another one and was not there. SO, this was a miracle that we found him, but he used his agency to give up the opportunity. We come upon a lot of situations like that here because a lot of people here don’t understand sacrifice or the blessings that come from it. 

Right now we are teaching two families that are super awesome and are for sure going to get baptized if everything goes well! The first one is the Familia Castellano. This is the family with the little girl who has Down syndrome. She is super awesome. Here you have to get married civilly first, a bishop can’t just marry you. So they have to do a bunch of paper work for this to go through. They have been to church more than 5 times and are basically members! They are super awesome and am very excited for their baptism which should be in the middle of July.

The second family is the Familia Bozac. They are pretty sweet too. They are an older couple that is super intelligent. The only problem is that he smokes a ton. We are trying to help him stop and he is almost there!!Their baptism is on July 4. He was smoking 40 cigarettes a day now it down to 9!! What a miracle! The goal is for him to stop before Wednesday!! Well at church they saw that the members feed us so they wanted to feed us too. AND MAN I ATE THE BEST LUNCH OF MY MISSION. For real though it was homemade bread, then some “empandas” for starters then we had some suuuuppper yummy meat with some good salsa then she brang out like 3 different kinds of desserts!! Older people that are retired are the best to teach! Always home and super nice!!

Well I am doing super well. My birthday was great! Just felt like a normal day but thanks a ton for the packages!!

I am trying to do my best and do my part for the Lord. I have a lot to improve on, but I know through prayer and hard work anything is possible!

Anways , I love you! I spent some more time on this letter so I hope you enjoy it! Sorry for last week!



Elder Carter


Enjoying some birthday treats!!

Our fridge - before (notice the freezer)

Our fridge - after (pretty impressive, huh?)

Las Delicias Ward activity

My very worn out shoes! We work hard!!!

Downtown Rosario

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