Monday, 1 June 2015

Better than psychologists!!

June 1, 2015


Hey, what’s up? 


Things here are good! I finally bought some new shoes! They are really cool argentine ones and I am excited to wear them!! Good thing you have lots of new clients mom (and more money), I might need more shoes, again. I must admit, I bought these shoes based on looks and not durability! But I figured when you feel good, you teach well, baptize lots of people and run faster – so well worth the money J


I got my birthday package, and oh man – it was AWESOME!!!! Thanks a ton!! I know it was for my birthday, but I opened it anyways. The pants fit perfect, and I really needed new socks. The jump rope was sweet and there is a bunch of treats in there!!!! Thanks so much!!! But don’t worry – I saved the card for my birthdayJ


This week was good! We are working really hard and following the spirit! And we are having great experiences! The weather is really cooling down here. It’s like 5 degrees but its super humid, so it’s a very bone chilling cold. It’s weird! Our area is definitely not safe, but we are definitely protected!! Members tell us daily stories of thefts, but Heavenly Father blesses us and I don’t worry too much about it.  

M and S, the couple with the sweet daughter are so awesome!! We went and had dinner with them on Tuesday night and it was super sweet! It’s always awesome to eat with investigators! They shared with us that they have been having some major marital struggles. We had no idea, and actually thought everything was great with them. They told us that every time they were having a fight, we would show up on their doorstep. They said every time one of them was upset or feeling lonely, we would send them a message. They said it was a miracle that we came when we did sharing the message of the gospel. They shared that they have been seeing a psychologist to help them but that our lessons do more good for them than the psychologist. I’m catching up to you, mom!!! It is so awesome to be a part of their miracle! We pray and think hard about what we are going to share with them every visit and we are being guided. It is so sweet to see the results!!


We did divisions with the “asistentes” on Friday and that went well! I learned a lot and am now trying to apply it all!! The members here are super awesome! They  always willing to go the extra mile for us!


This week Elder Bluth and I had a meeting with the stake president and it went awesome!! He is a cool dude and I was able to learn a lot and am so excited to share it! That’s probably one of the things I like most about being zone leader - the opportunity to work with such great leaders in the church and to learn about how things work and how things should go!


Well, nothing else really happened this week! Everything is good! I am doing well! A little sick this week but I drank some of Bita’s magic potions and everything was good! 


The mission is about to divide, so presidente is doing a lot of changes this months! It’s cool!


I love you!

Elder Carter


(This is a sweet letter we got from Josh’s companion, Elder Bluth. It made my day and I felt so much love for this wonderful young man!!)


Hello Mama Carter!


It´s so nice to meet you! I am the companion of your son Elder Josh Carter! The wild one!


I have to say some things about your son... 


First of... He has been sleeping in and breaking some rules in the mission... Maybe you can write a firm letter and try to knock some sense into him....



NO I AM KIDDING. This kid is fantastic! Where ever did he come from?? Easily one of my best companions in the entire mission.  He always keep me laughing and even better he works efficiently to help Heavenly Fathers children here in Argentina.


Sincerely he is very humble and a very hard worker.


So I was thinking hmmm... His parents must have done something fantastic to raise this kid. 


Reminds me of the story of the stripling warriors and how the men in that story look up so much to their parents. 


But anyway. Thanks a ton!


Elder Bluth



He even lets me use his glasses when I can´t see anything!

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