Thursday, 25 September 2014

Pray for my Conjugations!

Man I miss you guys!!


This week has been good! I am still learning lots! Despite what I said about Spanish coming easy to me it, is actually pretty hard. I am not good with formal English stuff and Spanish is really hard with all the conjugations. I can speak, but I just speak with infinitive verbs, so I don’t make any sense. I am trying though! It is hard not to get frustrated because everyone here has taken at least 2 years of Spanish so they already know how to conjugate everything and I am just starting. Every time I start get down though, I just read the notes that you guys sent me in my big book. It encourages me every time!


I set myself a goal to read the Book of Mormon in 16 days in Spanish. It is hard, I do not understand much, but I am trying! And I am also memorizing a scripture a day!!


 Man, I have never been so excited for general conference in my whole entire life!! I cannot wait to hear the prophets speak!!! Ha-ha! I also am really enjoying going to the temple in Spanish. Although I don’t know everything that they are saying, I am able to pick out a bunch of words and get the main idea. It helps me just focus on the feelings as opposed to the words which is really cool!!


 I have found 2 really good guys who I have become super good friends with!! It is really fun!! I really like hanging out with them so that’s sweet!!


Mom- can you send me some Canadian stamps to the mission home in Rosario so that I can mail you guys. I haven’t heard much about packages but one elder got a package here and had to pay like 200 bucks to receive it and it was just his retainer that he forgot. So, I am not really sure what is happening with that. And i just read that you put my white shoes in the garbage!! Hey!!!! (Just kidding! They were old!)


What are you going to do about your office, mom? Just make sure you keep making money so you can come visit me in Argentina!! I am excited for you guys to come down here and pick me up!


I opened my package with the balloons yesterday and it was nice to have all of your notes on it! I love you guys so much! Thanks for all your support!!


We went proselyting again this week to the same area as last week and I could understand way more!!! It was sweet!!We gave away 4 Books of Mormon, and 3 people seemed really interested, so that was super cool!! One lady said that she had prayed for something to happen in her life and then we stared talking to her. That was really awesome!! We talked to a bunch of drunken guys and that was funny.  It is kind of annoying because we proselyte from 12-4 and at 2 everyone goes inside. They all go to nap or whatever they do at 2 and nobody is out on the street. If you knock on their door they just get mad. So pretty much we just walk around for the remaining two hours to see if there is anyone on the street. It is hard during that time.


I am glad to know that I am missed!! Oh - I just read in your letter the part  about the seafood buffet at the Priddis golf club and I am super excited to go eat there with you when I get back! I am also really excited to show you guys around Argentina when you get here in 2 years.


It was super nice hear about your lives. I miss you and am enjoying reading all your letters! Pray for me to understand the conjugations better please!! I am going to send some pictures now. There are a whole bunch of new Latinos that came in today and a lot of them are going to Rosario which is sweet!! I only have like 12 days left here. I leave next Tuesday. Not this upcoming one, the next one (October 7th)!



I love you guys!!


Elder carter<3


P.S. Sorry- the pics aren’t working so I will just send them the next week! Time is flying by and I miss you like crazy!!!



Little excerpt from Josh’s letter to Sophie in response to an experience she wrote him about:


“…I am sorry to hear that. But think of how Nephi failed three times to get the plates. He failed a lot. So, it is okay to not make it sometimes because that is what we need in order to have the most success. God shows us our weaknesses in order for us to become strong.”







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