Thursday, 2 October 2014

It's coming together!!!

Hey guys!!  How’s it going?


Nothing massive happened this week - but I am finally getting the conjugations!! !! They are all coming together!! Your prayers are working - thank you guys!!! Now, it’s just a matter of applying them when I am speaking.  I am pretty good at understanding what people say in Spanish so that is sweet! I really think that my Spanish is getting a lot better, which is really nice to see! Ha-ha! Hopefully I will be better than all those missionaries coming from Provo!  Boy - am I ready to get out of here!! The MTC is sweet and all but I want to get to the field! I leave for the field on Tuesday. I think I get to email you on Monday for like 10 minutes to let you know what it is going on with my departure..


I hope you guys are as excited for conference as I am- Because I can’t wait! It’s going to be a nice change from all the regular classes!! My goal to read the Spanish Book of Mormon is going well! I am on page 300 and I understand more Spanish words - I can tell. But I still have a lot more to go. The days here are getting a little repetitive but it’s all good.


What’s this 40 day fast that you guys were talking about? Anyways thanks for all the fasts and prayers.


This week we went proselyting again and it was pretty cool! This area was like 10 times nicer and there were only like 3 stray dogs - so that was nice! Ha-ha!  About 10 minutes off the bus, we started talking to this guy and  he invited us over to eat lunch with him. So we went to the market and bought some weird vegetables that I have never seen in my whole life! Then we walked with him to his house. He said he was a professional cook, but based on the way he was living,   he was probably not a professional cook. He lived in a one bedroom apartment, with the bed right in the kitchen and a bathroom, but he was the nicest guy. He recently was divorced. Anyways, he made us this super yummy dish! It was awesome!!! I really liked it. We taught him a lesson on faith and after we were done, we thought that he was receptive, but he said he didn’t want faith and he was content on how he was living. Anyway, that was too bad! Oh well!! I think he just needed someone to talk to which was good. It was a great experience and we got a free awesome meal!


After we left him, we had like an hour left and just went to a bakery and got some really good stuff. We also talked to a few people but nothing came out of it.


I am really enjoying it here. I like to play a lot of pranks on people, since everyone is super uptight. Ha ha-..... I am probably a little annoying but everyone needs to relax and have some fun. So, the other day I got a bucket of ice cold water and dumped it on one of the elders while he was in the shower!! Ha-ha - it was so funny because he couldn’t do anything about it! It was ok because he and I joke like that all the time


Mom- thanks for your letter about your work experiences! I liked reading it and I will send the letter I wrote you yesterday over mail when I get to my mission.  Oh can you please send me a picture of your one arm?  Looking through the photo album, you always seem to be able to hide it!!!! I want to show people and brag!!!!! So send me a picture with your little arm!!!!!!!!! Thanks!!


Have fun at conference!! Life here is good! I  am  really looking forward to being a real missionary out in the field. , I hope you guys are doing well at home! I enjoy hearing about your lives at home! love you guys! I can’t wait for conference and for Tuesday!!


I love you! Chow!!



Elder carter



We tried to mimic the sisters posing

The 2 Americans are my good friends and the 2 Latinos are super cool too! Love these guys!!

This is the cafeteria - small but good food!!

This is our physical activity area - all of it is outdoors

My personal favorite picture :)

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