Sunday, 26 October 2014

What kind of missionary do I want to be?

October 21, 2014


So, I want to answer your question first - P-Days are usually pretty busy because we have to walk everywhere so there isn’t much free time. We have to shop, email, and clean. That usually takes most of the time because we are always on foot. Man, I have a lot of blisters!!! Ha-ha - but its good! Today the whole zone 3 meets and I think we will play some sports or something so that should be fun!!

I have been starting to say a little bit more than my testimony in the lessons!!! However, it isn’t very good, but I am improving! I am starting to understand a lot more!! Our schedule is a little different than other missions because nobody is out in the afternoon. It is DEAD- nobody is out and nobody will even open their doors!!  So, we do 2 hours of studying in the afternoon with a half hour of free time and also an hour for lunch. We are inside for a good chunk of the afternoon. In the morning we leave at about 10 after we have language study and personal study. However we do not get time for dinner. We leave the pension at about 5:00 pm and don’t return until 9:00 pm, so most times i do not eat dinner. But lunch is huge and I am never hungry either. I saw a scale one day so i decided to weigh myself. I now weigh 188 lb. with all my heavy shoes and stuff on.  The heaviest I weighed in the summer was 205lbs. So, I am doing good!! Grandpa watch out- I’m coming for you!!! Ha-ha just kidding!! I like our unique schedule!!

Okay, you know the shoulder bag I have? Yeah- no!! If I carry that around I will get robbed!! It is way too big! So, right now I am just using my scripture case, which I actually like a lot!! Oh, and we are allowed to wear hats in the summer and I am definitely getting one of those cause man, it gets hot here!! It’s not even summer and I am dying!!

On Thursday night/Friday morning, I spent the whole night throwing up! I felt pretty sick!! I woke up and I felt super weak. I ate something and went to work anyway. We came in a little early for lunch so that was nice. I wasn’t feeling any better by the time we needed to go out again which sucked. We had lunch at a member’s and I didn’t feel like eating ANYTHING so that was awful!! I was able to put it down and nothing came back up...or out!! lol. Anyway, so we had the whole rest of the afternoon. (We had changed out schedule that day so we were out a little earlier than usual). It was blazing hot and my stomach did not feel good and we had NOTHING ON THE PLANNER!!  We had contacting, that’s all. Right then, I decided I wanted to be the kind of  missionary that works until he cannot anymore. We could have gone back and rested. But we didn’t. We knocked on doors, in the heat, with the sun blazing on us and I had blisters. It was awful! But, that day  is over and I decided I wanted to give everything to the Lord!  I am glad I stayed out that day. My companion was also feeling super sick that day too! He said not many missionaries would be out for that long but we did anyway!! We put in our part for the Lord. It was good and we will be blessed for it. Don’t worry Bita, I took your pills you gave me and they worked. I felt amazing the next day and had an amazing sleep!! So, that was my sucky day but I lived past it and decided what kind of missionary I wanted to be even when things were hard!

The water here is pretty gross! It tastes super slimy and has a super weird taste too it. I have heard it makes your teeth yellow. Ha-ha, but I drink it anyway. Don’t worry; it is safe I promise... Or at least I hope.

My trainer is a super good missionary and super good at teaching! I am really not good at teaching and I can’t say anything anyway so he is carrying a lot of the weight here, but i am trying super hard! We are teaching a couple of different people right now. Most are people who we have found contacting. We are teaching a super poor family and they are super legit!! They want to get baptized but they have to be married to first. That is a big problem here. Nobody bothers to get married, they just live together. So the problem is if this couple gets married the mom loses her salary for being a single mom. And these people have nothing, I mean nothing! Their back yard looks like a dump and we sit on broken chairs but they are super awesome!!! Anyways, we promised that they will be blessed if they get baptized so they are going to get married and loose the salary!! What a commitment!! Super awesome!!

We are also teaching some inactives. They are endowed, temple workers and they still believe in the gospel teachings. They were offended at church and now don’t want to go. It is super hard. I don’t know what to say. They probably know about the church and the temple more than I do! They said many people have left for the same reason they did but wouldn’t tell us the reason. It is super sad. They said they have had tons and tons of missionaries pass by but nothing has worked. I don’t know what to do. Hopefully we can help them.

I love you guys!!! Please keep me posted on things and keep praying for me!!


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