Monday, 27 October 2014

Simple joys

Hey guys!!


Thanks for all your letters and everything!! It is super nice to hear from all of you and see how you are doing!! Thanks for the advice mom; I will definitely use that this coming week!! The pictures of the Halloween party look pretty fun! That’s awesome!! I loved hearing about your story in Ecuador, mom. It was cool!! I miss everyone back home!!!!I love you guys! I got your card you sent to the mission home!! I really enjoyed reading it and love getting your cards mom!


Okay, so Monday was zone conference! It was really good. I wasn’t able to understand it all, but I could catch a lot of it and it was super cool!! There was big emphasis on the idea that we CAN teach and baptize! We committed 4 people to baptismal dates this week. Not sure if they will follow through but it is pretty awesome!!


On Tuesday I had to go to Rosario to do some visa stuff. So I took the collectivo super early in the morning and sat in a big line for a while to get my finger prints. Then I returned back to the pension at like 5 so it was a pretty long day for me that day! But it was good!! I was able to catch up on all my sleep on the long bus rides!!


The weather is starting to get super super hot!! Its soooo humid here! Ha-ha! I am out for about 5 minutes and then I am already sweating!!! Ha-ha- like right now, I am sitting in a computer place and am sweating just sitting here because it is so hot! I think I am losing more weight because of that and all the walking!!


Some fun things that my companion and I do are every Thursday we go buy lunch at this yummy lunch place!! It is super good!! We get some super big sandwiches and it is super yummy! They are only $3.50 US, but we only get $140 US for the month, so we have to spend wisely.. Of course, the currency is in pesos but it just converts to that much. We have lunch appointments with the members on Fridays, Saturdays,  and Sundays,  which is nice but the other 4 days we are left to make our own food. We never have dinner appointments. Actually, we don’t even get time for dinner! Ha-ha- but it’s good. Every Monday morning, we buy facturas, which are some really good bakery treats!! They are delicious!! Ha-ha - so that means we got some of those today and they were so good!



The customs here are different to me. We leave the pension at like 10 in the morning but by the time 11:30 hits we cannot get in any doors!! Like nowhere! Nada! Zip! Zero! Everyone is making lunch and do not want to talk to us. I think the other day we were knocking on doors from 11:30 to 1:00 and a total of 4 people opened the door and we were only able to talk to two of them!! Ha-ha! But other than in the afternoon people are pretty receptive! It’s just the time of day! Also at 8:00pm is awful too. We get nobody to answer the door. So we usually try to schedule appointments during that time!!


I attend a small branch. The members are awesome! There are a lot of inactive members here which is too bad! We usually get about 70 people attending each week!! So, that’s good!  Church here is different than back home. The members are pretty new and not as strong, but we are happy to be here and help where we can!!


My Spanish is coming along. I still don’t say a ton, but I am starting to say more than my testimony, which I feel good about. I can usually understand when people talk about religion, but when they start to talk about other stuff they might as well be speaking Chinese!! Ha-ha!! Because the entire vocab I know is in the gospel! Pretty funny, huh!


Well, that’s about it for this week! Can’t wait to talk to you again next week!!



Elder Carter

The fancy dinning room/spare bedroom

The office

The master bedroom

The neighborhood

The stud!

The fancy kitchen

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