Thursday, 18 September 2014

Small Miracles

Thanks for your emails! I haven’t read all of them yet, but I am going to print them! Keep sending them too me!!


First of all, I forgot to mention that when you sent me the candy in the package the first week, after I ate most of it, I decided to share some with my roommates. Well, word got out that I had American candy. We had the whole dorm trying to bust into our room to get their hand on some American candy. We managed to hold them off long enough! So, I think you were everyone’s favorite person for about 10 minutes! Thanks mom you are awesome!


My Spanish is improving! I  can hold a basic conversation with someone, but sometimes I don’t catch all the words.  But I can sure see the progress! It is tough though,  I work hard in order to be able to understand it.  It doesn’t just come to me, which is how I imagined it. Teaching lessons in Spanish is good; I can teach the lesson perfectly! It’s just expressing myself in Spanish that  is hard.


Man, I am glad I brought my nice brown shoes because they look so good compared to all the hiking boots everyone else has J


I found a couple of really cool guys who I have become super good friends with! I really like them and we get along super well so I always hangout with them! I got your pen and the usb thing you sent me! Thanks mom. It is now my favorite pen!!


Here are some of the best spiritual moments I have had here at the MTC:


1.      We were having a testimony meeting in our district about the Atonement and what it means to us. It was really cool to hear all the missionaries in my district share their testimonies! I bore mine and that felt really good! But I was most touched by one of the missionaries, Elder Ostler, one of the elder’s I really get along with.  His mom passed away last March from cancer. He bore his testimony on how he was happy that the atonement could enable him to return to his family. I felt very privileged to be serving with him. He gave up so much already and still wanted to serve the Lord .I felt the  spirit very strongly!!


2. One night we were sharing our experiences with our setting apart blessing . It was very powerful to hear others talk about this.  I realized that everyone has had problems in their life and that they all left something behind. I shared about how I was sad to leave my really tight group of friends and talked about how it was hard to leave home because I am very good friends with my father and mother. As I was saying this I realized that none of these things have bothered me while I am here and this is truly the Lord’s work. He is blessing me with the ability to focus on what I need to do and not worry about what is going on at home!


Okay enough with the emotional stuff. WE WENT PROSILYTING ON SATURDAY! It was very scary!!! Well, first of all, we got on a bus and they gave us a map of our area. They didn’t talk about it or anything. They just dropped us off. One could easily go into the wrong area or get lost, so it was kind of scary! And they dropped us off in like the ghetto! People are living in shacks! And there were beer bottles and stray dogs everywhere.... but don’t worry mom, the Lord protects his missionaries.


Anyway, after we found out where we were, we started talking to people. It was so cool!! At one point we were walking down the street and I had a feeling that we should turn around and go down the other street. So, I told my companion and we did so. About 30 seconds after we had turned around we started talking to this guy. We ended up giving him a Book of Mormon and getting his number and he seemed super interested, so that was pretty sweet!!! I was very excited about that!  We taught 7 lessons and gave out 3 Books of Mormon and got like 10 referrals. That was pretty exciting, especially since my companion and I cannot speak very good Spanish. Sometimes we would talk to someone and I wouldn’t be able to understand a single word that they were saying!! Ha-ha!! Well I am learning! The lord truly does work miracles!! But man, there are about 100,000 stray dogs and it is scary!! I think they were all going to attack me. Luckily, none of them did! Woohoo!!


The other day I had a dream that when I returned home from my mission, I could not  remember anything that I had done.  I was so mad! The reason I couldn’t remember anything was because I hadn’t done anything worthwhile! I think it was pretty similar to dad’s dream at theMTC, which I thought was really cool. I WILL STRIVE TO MAKE MY MISSION WORTHWHILE!



No new pictures this week -sorry. I am over halfway done my time at the MTC which is crazy because the weeks go by so fast! The food is still really good! Physical activity time is good because I get to play basketball, except if it rains, because it is all outdoors.  I love and miss all of you! Keep me posted on your life.


Josh’s first written Spanish sentences:


Hola! Como esta? Mi mama y abuelita able mucho espanol en casa pero yo no escuchar. Yo nececita trabaje mas porque no intiende todas las cosas. Lo siento.






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