Sunday, 7 September 2014

My first week as a missionary!



Man I miss you guys!!! You guys are awesome!! I was so excited to get all of your emails! So glad to hear everything is going well at home! Okay, to start I with,  am companion with Elder Paul. He is from California. He is really cool. He plays football and laughs like super hard! We get along pretty well. I was made senior companion which was cool! So I pretty much take the lead in the lessons and stuff. The spirit is so strong here it’s crazy!!  I love it!!! Okay usually how my day goes is: wake up 6:30, then breakfast at 7:00, then personal study at 8:00, then companions study 9:00. Then language study at 10 till lunch. Then more language study until 2. Then physical exercise at 2:30 then language at 4:00 then dinner at 6:00. Then gospel learning at 7 till like 9. Then 9 to 1030 is free. So it’s pretty packed!


Man mom I didn’t realize how hard Spanish was!! Like all the grammar stuff that you have to know is crazy! And I am bad at grammar anyway. It’s crazy because at home I could understand some of what you said but not everything. But here its different! I think the spirit it really helping me learn. All the north Americans have taken Spanish before so I pretty much fit right in so it’s all good!


I have 5 other roommates and I like them all! They are funny, so that’s good. We often stay up late talking.


So I got here on Thursday and then on Saturday my companion and I had to teach the first lesson in SPANISH!! Crazy!!!! It was so bad! I felt bad for the instructor slash investigator. But we have been improving. We are going out and actually tracting NEXT SATURDAY!! I’m so worried cause I can really not speak at all yet!!


When I got here, I put on the name tag they gave me and I thought this:

What a great honor and privilege it was to put the same name that many other great men have put on... (ie dad, grandpa, uncle spencer) I felt blessed and honored to be a part of our family. I also felt very honored to have Christ’s name on my chest. I have been thinking about that a lot this week!


All the missionaries here are friends! Everyone is super friendly and  always talking. There are three Canadians here and we are the best at basketball. We often play 3 on 5 and win! Haha who new!! All the new missionaries ask me what Canada is like. I decided that it would be funny if I told them that I have often hunted whales with harpoons! And they believed me!!! HAhah they want me to show them how to make harpoons this week!!! And they always ask what whale tastes like!!


The weather is around 10 degrees every day, so that is cool. Sometimes is rains. Here is it very relaxed. Nobody tells you what to do when. So if you don’t want to study you don’t have to. if you don’t want to go to bed you don’t have to. if you don’t want to pay attention you don’t have to. But everyone is obedient and studies and stuff when they are supposed to. So really if you wanna work hard you will get alot out of it if you don’t work hard it will come back and bite you in the bottom!


The food it super good here! The lunches are by far the best! The meat is amazing! However I have been trying to eat less cause I don’t want to get fat! I think I have lost a little bit of weight which I am happy about!! And yes the alfajores are amazing!!! They are so yummy! I can’t wait for dad and mom to come down here and see everything it is very pretty.



Mom and Dad- Miss you guys! Thanks for being amazing parents! I am having a super fun time! So don’t worry about me at all. I am enjoying every minute of it except for the 5 minutes after 630! Lol.


Love you guys

Elder CARTER :)

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