Thursday, 28 August 2014

I Made it Alive!

Hey guys!
Sorry I couldn't call- the phone card only works in Canada and the US. I just got to the MTC. It seems pretty cool here. I slept most of the plane ride here. I slept through breakfast I was so mad! The guy beside me said that they put it in front of me then half hour later took it away. Oh well! There were some sweet movies on the plane which sucked because i couldnt watch any. I just looked at the book mom gave me and read my scriputes and napped. Dinner was yummy-  it was chicken.
 I like it here already. It is about 5 degrees here and you can see your breath outside. So a little change from Calgary. When they picked me up they were going on in spanish but I couldn't understand anything. I was just saying si! si! Haha! Oh well! They talk so fast! Love you Guys!! Oh one thing that I forget to mention is that I love how in the states they have toliet covers so you dont have to make a nest with toliet paper before you go. It is very convient!
Love you!!!!
Elder Carter..... I got my badge! I'll send pictures later!
Also  my p day is on Thursdays! I cant wait to get started!

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