Friday, 12 September 2014

Proud to be Canadian!!

Hey guys!


I opened your present this week! Thanks for the tie - it was really nice!! Last week the temple was really cool! We went through a session in Spanish on p-day! I enjoyed it but I was struggling to stay awake!  I like it here! You guys can write me as well! Like just send mail. I sent you a letter so hopefully you will receive it.


I really like my district! It is sweet!! I am enjoying the people in it and everything! Sometimes people get annoying but it’s okay, I am learning how to be patient with them!


This week the older group left the MTC for their missions. It is empty here now!! There are like 35 of us here! Crazy huh!! You really get to know everyone!! I liked some of the older group, so it was kind of sad to see them leave!! Oh well! Now WE are the older group! I will be leaving in less than 4 weeks!


One dinner this week we had blood sausages! It is where they take the blood of the cow, then mix it up until it is thick then add some seasoning! It tastes alright but it was a struggle to put it all down! I sure hope I don’t get fed that a lot during my mission! 


Spanish is tough. I am improving but it is pretty frustrating because I just want to be able to speak fluently! Oh well! It will come with time I think! But I am working hard!


This Saturday we are leaving the MTC to go proselyting! Crazy! I don’t even know how to speak Spanish yet!! I am a little worried but I know that I will be guided by the spirit when the time comes! 


Okay, something I forget to tell you is that  the first week I was here I got a hair cut! Some instructor came up to me and was telling me “pelo  pelo!!” So I just went and got my haircut! It turned out pretty good. I would have cut it the same way at home; it is just a little bit shorter!


So everyone always asks me to say things like “bag”, “flag”, and “dragon” because I say my “a’s different than them! So this week I put up my Canadian flag on my desk! I am sure proud to be Canadian!!


Here they have a bidet, which is a substitute for toilet paper! It really tickles your bottom! Water is going places that it should never go!!! Haha!  It was cool to try though, but I think I will stick with the good old fashion toilet paper!


Time is really flying here! I am starting to see that this whole mission is going to fly by! It seems like just yesterday I was emailing you!!


I like it here but the language is hard! Pray for me, especially for the language. I’m doing awesome! I am enjoying my mission lots! I miss you guys but the work is keeping me busy so its fine. I actually like it here a lot more than I was expecting. Sorry my letter isn’t very long! i was trying to spend more time sending pictures!!

Send lots of letters! I miss you guys and I  like hearing about your lives! I love you guys! The church is true! And I am doing what the Lord needs me to do! Pray for me and the language!



Love you guys!!! 


Love Elder Carter

This is the MTC

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  1. Great title "Proud to be Canadian". Love that he put his Canada flag on his desk.