Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Sooooo cold!!!

July 18, 2016

Hey guys!!

It's been pretty cold these days!! Right now, I am writing in a computer place and it is freeeezzing so my hands are a little bit frozen!! But afterwards we are going to go make some pizzas so that'll be good!!

This week we have been getting to know the area a little bit better! Its pretty sweet! I really like the area! It's got a little bit of everything, which is cool! The members are really good as well! We are really working hard to try and find people to baptize in August!! So that will be good!! Elder Silva is pretty cool! It's different living with someone who doesnt speak english, but I like it!! Yeah, Elder Sliva is prettty fluent in spanish, but sometimes it still sounds like he is speaking Portuguese!! Maybe I can learn a couple of words from hiim! We have not been getting lost so much lately, which is great! I feel like the spirit is guiding us and lighting our mind so that we know where everything is!

This week, we met a inactive member who is starting to reactivate or come back to church! His daughter just got baptized and he is really embracing himself in the gospel. The other week he set the goal to read the book of mormon in two weeks and he did it! And he actually understood all of it!! We had a really good discussion about it and it sounded like he just loved it! For me it was really cool to see how excited and happy he was about what he had accomplished! It made me more excited to read and apply everything that I learn! It's great!!  

One other thing that I have been thinking about is that often  we say we would be happy IF. IF only we had this. Or IF only I didn't have to deal with this, or IF only I didn't have this calling, or IF only I had more money, or IF I wasn't sick. And I was thinking about that a lot lately and the fact that whatever we think is going to make us happy is what we. Want more of. But, if we didn't have challenges or things going wrong from time to time, we couldn't appreciate growth which brings happiness. we always somehow want more and dont want something that is going to dictate our happiness. We have to learn to be happy, even when we don't have what we want!

My hands are freezing!

I love ya!

Elder Carter

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