Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Feeling grateful!

July 25, 2016

Man time is really flying by here!! Each week passes by faster and faster!! I am enjoying every minute of it while I can!!

This week, while we were looking for inactive members on a list that we have, we found a family made up of a mom and her three kids. When we knocked on the door, we found the three kids who are 16,18 and 23, but we did not find the mother. After talking with them for a little bit we learned that the mother does not live there! She lives in a another part of pergamino with her boyfriend. This mother has completley abandonded her three children because her boyfriend doesn't like her kids. Now all there of them are working and have dropped out of school in order to support themselves. They are living alone. They don't see their mother very much since she rarely goes to visit. As I was talking with this family, I just had a feeling of everlasting gratitude for the family that I have at home. I felt grateful for the privilege I have had to grow up in a household that loves me (most of the time)hahahaha. I felt really bad for these three kids that were just on their own. The mother chose her boyfriend over her own children! The family unit is completely destroyed here in Argentina. I am very so grateful for the family that I have waiting for me at home and all they have done for me! I am so blessed!

This week I also met an active older sister of the church. She lives alone and is one of the most happiest and friendliest people I have met! Anyways, we set up a day to visit her and when we got there she had bought us toooonnnns of groceries to take home. Pop, cheese, eggs, crackers, mate cosido, meat just everything! She does not have very much money and I was very grateful for all that she had sacraficed for us! Maybe its a blessing because you guys fed the missionaries over there on your part!!

I am trying to eat healthy so that I don't come home looking fat but man, its hard! I am trying to eat healthy but also at the same time  trying to enjoy the last little bit of argentine food!! Hahaha - its a hard! The bread kills me!! I guess that's  just part of missionary life!!

Hey could you guys give some references to the missionaries over there so that I can receive references over here?


I love you guys!
Elder Carter

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