Tuesday, 26 July 2016


July 4, 2016

Hey guys!!

This week I was a little sick, so we had to take it easy. I was not feeling good, but now I am feeling a lot better! Being sick is never fun!

I have been getting to know the members a little bit better! It's funny because lots of times we have a perspective about someone and then when we actually meet they are actually a lot different! I realize there are lots of good things that sometimes I actually don't see! We have been trying to work with the members more! We are trying to help them understand the doctrine of Christ! When someone starts to understand and apply the doctrine of Christ, they are being his disiples! I am learning a lot as well.

One parable in the bible that I like a lot is the parable of the ten virgens. There are 10 women waiting to go into a wedding. In order to go in they needed to have their lamps lit. The lamps needed oil to work. Five of these virgins brought with them extra oil so that they would be able to get into the wedding. The other 5 were foolish and did not bring extra oil. Well, when the party started the 5 virgins who had oil were allowed in, however those who had not brought oil were buying oil and arrived late. Then the 5 vrigins tried to get into the party but were stopped at the door and the lord said you know me not. I was thinking alot about this lately. Because of the lack of preparation by 5 of the virgins, the Lord said they did not know him. If we truly are trying to know and do as the Saviour would, we will be prepared. If we take his words to be something that we push off to the side or try and do later, the day will arrive and we will have no oil in our lamps. We will be stuck outside because of our actions. Everything we do - going to church, reading the scriptures, sharing the gospel, praying, etc., we are adding little drops of oil to our lamps preparing for when the hour arrives. I don't want to be caught empty having to buy more oil. I want to be prepared now. 

We have lots to do this week so it will go by really quickly! There is nothing really new in the work this week, just the normal stuff.

The love that God has for us is beyond our comprehension. He sent his only begotten son to save us. He died and suffered for each and every one of us. Through him and none other can we receive salvation. He has the power to heal us and to enable us. Through Him,  weak things can become strong, can be fixed and healed. If anything, during my time on the mission I have grown closer to my saviour Jesus Christ. I love Him and am very grateful for what he did for me. 

Elder Carter  

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