Monday, 18 May 2015

"Las Delicias"

May 11, 2015


Hey guys! How’s it going? It was super fun to talk to you guys yesterday! It was really nice to see your faces, too!


I am doing awesome! It is getting pretty cold here but it’s good! The new ward is awesome! We have one Hermana that does our laundry and I swear my shirts are whiter that when I bought them! She is super awesome! We have lunch and dinner most days with members, which is super sweet!


We have a good ward mission leader and some good support from the ward! I am really looking forward to helping this ward out and baptizing more people! There is a ton of potential here in “Las Delicias!!”


I feel like this week has been crazy! On Thursday we went to “consejo” (council) with all the other zone leaders in the mission and president talked to us about things he wants us to help the missionaries in our zone with.  It was super super awesome and inspiring and I came out of that meeting wanting to baptize the world! Ha-ha!  Tomorrow we are going to have our zone meeting and I am really looking forward to it! It will be fun!! 


After the meeting with the president, we had to go check all of the pensions in the zone to make sure that they are safe because of what happened in Chile (a sister’s apartment was broken into and the sisters were assaulted).  So we did that, and as a result have been traveling a lot! But I really like it and have had zero time for anything other than missionary work, which I am super happy about!!


We bought a toilet seat for the hole in the bathroom  and man it is heavenly! Now I can enjoy my time in the bathroom once again! 


We are really trying to work with he members in order to receive references and invite people! I have found on my mission, that is the most successful way of meeting new people and doing missionary work.  So we have started doing that and I think it is working! We have a ton of potential people who can get taught and baptized! I am really looking forward to working in this area! 


Sorry this letter is short – you heard it all yesterday. So, I will talk to you next week! Good luck with all of your stuff! I still haven’t bought a camera cord! They don’t seem to have any down here! I will buy new shoes next week! Good luck!


Love you,

Elder Carter

Saying good-bye to the awesome members in San Lorenzo

Meet my new companion, Elder Bleuth, and my new kitchen

This is our fancy shower

Great friends from San Lorenzo

Can we keep him, please????

Our pension!

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